William R. Craven

William R. Craven was the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Overwatch Systems, a private company which was backed by Kelso and later sold to Textron Corp (TXT-NYSE). Overwatch Systems provides the US Intelligence Community with software tools to enhance intelligence analysis through a proprietary web linked system to enable collaboration across the agencies. Prior to Overwatch, Mr. Craven had been CEO of Paravant (PVAT-NASDAQ) which provided the DOD and Intel community with high speed, rugged computing systems. At Paravant he led significant growth, through both organic and acquisition activities, and later completed the successful sale of the company to DRS Technologies (DRS-NYSE). Prior to Paravant, Mr. Craven had been President of a technology division of the Mead Corp. in Dayton, Ohio.

Richard P. McNeight

Richard P. McNeight was the founder and President of Paravant, which became the worldwide leader in the design and production of rugged computers for military systems and high speed processing systems for the Intelligence Community. McNeight and Craven orchestrated Paravant's IPO (PVAT-NASDAQ) in 1996 and later sale of Paravant to DRS Technologies (DRS-NYSE) in 2002, which Mr. McNeight continued to run as President of DRS Tactical Systems Strategic Business Unit (SBU). Prior to Paravant, Mr. McNeight held various software engineering and management positions in the Telecommunications Industry including Director of Software Engineering for ITT International Telecommunications and staff advisor at Siemen's headquarters in Munich, Germany. Mr. McNeight is headquartered in Melbourne Florida.